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Despair's Consummation

How many times?

It seemed like every night since the fateful day he'd walked into his parent's malfunctioning chamber. Every night he put himself in danger in order to protect his friends and family. But it never worked out. Sure he had some wins, but far too many losses.

Every time he turned around there was some ghost, some villain, that wanted to used the people he loved against him.

He couldn't take it any more, wouldn't stand for it any more.


It had started out all so innocently this time.

Danny, Tucker, Sam, Jazz, and the elder Fentons were on a road trip to visit an old “friend”. Vlad Masters wasn't what Danny would call a friend to anyone. His obsession with Danny's mother had branched off in recent years to Danny himself. Vlad felt a connection between them due to their mutual possession of ghost powers. The problem was Vlad wanted an apprentice in his “take over the world” scheme and Danny wanted to stop him at all costs. It put a bit of a fissure in their relationship.

This was just supposed to be a weekend trip to stay at Vlad's newly rebuilt mansion, a retreat for the parental Fentons and a vacation for the teens.

At first Vlad seemed to be behaving himself and that made Danny all the more worried. Turned out he had a right to be.

You see, Vlad had invented a device that would split the ghost boy from the human boy. That way Vlad, or should I say Plasmius, could have a full time apprentice and the Fentons could take the human Danny home with them. In his own twisted way he thought he was being generous. Each could have a part of Danny and all would be happy.

Danny did not agree. Vlad pressed the issue and the teens all fought back. In the ensuing fight the device went off, and unfortunately struck Danny Phantom. It worked all too well and two different versions of the boy fell to the ground. Fully human and fully ghost.

While all were in a daze over what had happened Plasmius seized the opportunity and absconded with the ghost boy.

Jazz and the others tended to a very much weakened Danny as the villain escaped. When the human Danny woke he felt as if he had been ripped apart. He wanted, no needed, his other half back. They went back to the mansion to regroup and possibly find the “other” Danny.

Jazz noticed her brother was acting more out of sorts than normal. She was downright worried about him. It seemed like the literal and figurative light had gone out of him.

The entire group were further distressed to find that Jack and Maddie Fenton and been trapped in virtual-reality hypno-chairs. There didn't seem to be a way to break them out without hurting them. Tucker volunteered to stay with the couple to see if he could hack into the system somehow, while the others looked for Vlad.

Finally they found the specter in his secret laboratory with the phantom form of Danny in a suspended cage.

Vlad welcomed the three at first but they weren't buying the act. Vlad stated he was glad they had come because it seemed he was unable to get the unconscious Danny Phantom to respond. He needed to do more tests on the human version first.

Jazz stood in front of her younger brother and faced down Plasmius. The villain laughed and swatted her out of the way. Intentional or not Jazz hit her head on the console and was instantly knocked unconscious.

Vlad lunged for Danny again but Sam grabbed his hand, dragging him back upstairs and out of the house. Vlad was prepared for this and had called the local police about robbers on his property. As soon as they dashed into the yard they were surrounded.


That leads them to where they are now.

Sam let go of Danny's hand so she could stand at his back. “What are we going to do?” she hissed.

Danny was frightened, he didn't have his powers, his parents were trapped, his sister was hurt. What were they going to do?

One of the policemen advanced on the duo but Sam slammed her shoulder into the man's gut. The gun that had been in his hand skittered along the grass to Danny's feet. “Run, Danny!” Sam yelled as she struggled with the officer.

Danny was frozen still in his location, he was replaying his failures one after another in his mind.

Vlad Masters strode out of his house with a smirk. He nodded to the policeman that by now had Sam in cuffs, and took hold of her arms himself.

He turned towards Danny, a flicker of glee in his eyes at the broken, or nearly so, boy in front of him. He almost had him where he wanted him. “Give yourself up, Danny my boy. All this fuss isn't necessary.”

For the first time since they'd come outside Danny's eyes cleared and he looked around himself. He noticed Sam tightly held in Vlad's grip. They were still surrounded by police and their vehicle lights glared brightly in his eyes. He also noticed the gun at his feet. He slowly bent to pick up the weapon then raised it in his trembling hands.

“No, Danny,” Sam gasped as her friend aimed the weapon at Vlad. “This isn't the way.”

Danny chose to ignore her. What choice did he have? He was backed into a corner. He saw tears in Sam's eyes even with the glare of the lights.

Vlad's smile slipped a little. This wasn't like the effervescent boy he knew. Perhaps he'd pushed him a bit too far this time. He plastered his grin back into place and reached out his hand. “Hand over the gun, son. I will let your little friend Samantha go, and I promise no harm will come to her or your family. Just give me the gun, there is no need of that.” The boy must know that the weapon couldn't harm him.

Danny did know. But he had to protect his friends, his family. Every villainous ghost that stalked him night after night, continually taunted him with the fates of his loved ones. There were not enough weapons in the world to stop them all. They would just keep coming for them.

No not them, him. He put them in danger. Their lives had been simpler before, no one trying to kill them, now they had to constantly watch their backs. It was all because he'd become Danny Phantom. What was all this for? The feuds and the senseless fighting?

Tears burned at his eyes. He knew the gun couldn't harm Vlad. He also knew who it could harm.

“I will not let them be in danger any more!” his voice started off with a quaver but strengthened as he went. Tears were now running down his face.

Sam shook her head violently, she could see where this was going and was desperate to stop it. “Danny!” she screamed in terror.

He was beyond hearing her plea. He turned the gun from Vlad and tucked the tip of the muzzle under his chin. “I can't take this any more.” His spoken words drifted around the yard in the sudden silence. He clenched his eyes shut and pulled the trigger.


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Despair's Consummation

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters from Danny Phantom nor do I claim any rights to them. This is purely a work of fiction and not for profit.

I wrote this after seeing a piece called Despair by Kvalificatsia

Picking Up The Pieces

Woo! Where have I been? Oh, yes work, life, writing, so forth. Here is the link to my newest story I'm working on. It's a Sesshomaru/Kagome love epic. I'd appreciate you checking it out. Thank you!
Days Have Passed

What Disney heroine am I?

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 18, 2012, 8:16 AM
  • Listening to: Pandora
  • Watching: Hayao Miyazaki films
  • Eating: Chocolate coverd blueberries

I'm behind on my artwork-commenting and journal-reading so I'm doing this instead. :XD:
Stolen from :icontobiasrosetta: I changed the title because Alice, Tinkerbell and Mulan are not princesses. Also if they were going to be thorough where are Tiana, Kida, Jane, Wendy, or Eilonwy? (Keeping the criteria to human, animated, main character, non-Pixar, and old enough to at least date.) Those were the ones I could think of off the top of my head. I'm sure there are more.

[  ] You've kissed someone your friends didn't like
[x] You've been lost in the forest
[x] You love to read
[  ] You are not shy at all
[x] One of your family members is a bit weird (just one?)
[x] You have done volunteer work
[x] You have a wild imagination
[x] You love to take care of people in need
[  ] You've had guys like you only because they think you're pretty :sarcasm:
[  ] You've rejected at least one person when they've asked you out
Total: 6

[  ] You're an orphaned child or have an evil step-mother
[x] You have many different hobbies to keep you busy
[  ] You can get really bored (isn't this contradicted by the previous statement?)
[x] You have/had long hair
[  ] Your hair is bright blonde (was)
[x] You're an artsy person
[x] You're childish
[x] You can't wait to stop the same routine each day and start living
[x] You care about others and their feelings
[x] You like to follow the rules
Total: 7

[  ] You have/had a pet rabbit
[x] You love to play cards
[x] You constantly know the time
[  ] You get in sticky situations
[  ] You have been to a court
[x] You have fallen asleep while doing homework.
[x] You have had a tea party
[x] You like hats
[  ] You're late
[x] You know how to play croquet
Total: 6

[  ] Your dad is rich
[x] You are very clever
[  ] You've been with someone way different from you
[x] You're unique and different from everyone else (just yesterday my mother called me "uniquely weird")
[x] You'd never marry someone just because they were rich (but it wouldn't hurt)
[x] You have set a lot of goals for yourself
[x] You don't have a lot of (close) friends
[  ] You're independent
[  ] You are wealthy
[x] Your parents try to control your life
Total: 6

[  ] Your boyfriend is strong
[  ] You have gotten involved with the wrong people before
[x] You are very convincing
[  ] You have fallen in love before
[  ] You have had your heart broken
[x] You find an interest in Greek mythology
[x] You lie sometimes
[  ] You pretend to be someone you're not
[  ] You have been used
[x] Purple is one of your favorite colors
Total: 4

[x] Your parents expect a lot from you
[  ] You really try to follow the rules, but it's hard for you
[  ] You're a bit of a trouble maker
[  ] You're the youngest in your family
[  ] You have a lot of sisters
[x] You collect something
[x] You have/had long hair
[  ] You are adventurous
[x] You're extremely curious
[  ] You believe everything people tell you/you're a bit gullible
Total: 4

[x] You live/have lived with someone other than your parents
[x] You almost died at a very young age
[x] You are gentle, loving, and/or thoughtful
[x] You have a decent singing voice
[x] You like to sleep in late on the weekends
[  ] You spend most of your time outside
[  ] You're adopted
[x] You're very romantic
[  ] Pink is one of your favorite colors
Total: 6

[  ] One of your parents is dead
[  ] You are expected to do a lot of chores
[x] You love to dress up
[x] You love animals
[x] You are waiting patiently for your Prince/ess Charming
[  ] Your mom is really strict
[  ] You have sisters who seem kind of jealous of you
[x] You're afraid to speak your mind sometimes
[  ] You have left your shoes at a friends house before
[x] You have blond hair
Total: 5

Snow White
[x] You know that you're beautiful
[  ] Sometimes it seems like your mom is jealous of you
[x] You've almost been killed
[x] You have at least seven good friends
[x] You've had food poisoning
[x] You have/had short hair
[x] You get along with almost everyone
[x] All of your friends are different
[x] You love to have a good time
[  ] You're happier when you're out of the house than in (both equally)
Total: 8

[  ] You get jealous easily
[x] You loved your childhood
[x] You like to fly
[x] You believe in magic
[  ] You're 5'2 or under (close, 5'3)
[  ] You hate pirates
[x] You love sparkly things
[x] People underestimate you
[  ] You get angry easily
[x] You have/had a treehouse
Total: 6  

[  ] You love to walk around and explore big cities
[x] You are more spiritual than religious
[  ] You've been in an interracial relationship
[  ] One of your family members is dead
[x] Your parents are very protective of you
[x] Someone you know has been in war
[x] You love nature
[  ] You have/had black hair
[x] You would love to move somewhere exotic and beautiful
[  ] You're very adventurous
Total: 5

[x] You can be a tomboy sometimes.
[  ] People wish you could be a bit more girly
[  ] You've pretended to be someone you're not
[  ] You've had a physical fight with someone
[x] You have/had considered running away from home
[x] Your parents try to plan your life out
[  ] A lot of your friends are boys
[  ] You sometimes find yourself in bad situations
[x] You love your family so much that you'd do anything to protect them
Total:  4

I'm Snow White.


United States
Current Residence: Washington (The state people, the state!), USA
Favourite genre of music: Something that moves me.
Favourite photographer: *aeravi here on DA.
Favourite style of art: Realism/surrealism/fantasy.
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever is pretty.
Favourite cartoon character: Sokka from Avatar:TLA.
Personal Quote: Is that chocolate?

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